Seychelles is a country without a visa for all of the world's population, but its documents enable you to enter Europe as a whole
Seychelles is one of the countries that people are not known to, and its documents are among the most powerful in the world
Seychelles very easily can obtain its documents due to the presence of a defect and the lack of development of its policy in the field of diplomacy
Seychelles without a visa for all countries of the world
The Seychellois citizen is free and can enter most of the European countries, France, Spain and Britain without a visa

General information about the Seychelles country
The Seychelles Islands, in the form of long Seychelles Republic, in English Seychelles and the Republic of Seychelles, located on the African continent.
 All of these islands are grouped in the state of its capital, Victoria, on the main island of Mahe.
Arab merchants may have been the first to visit the archipelago, but the first written accounts were made by Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama in 1501.
 The latter gave the archipelago the name of Amirantes, which today designates the part that includes the granite islands of Seychelles.
In the same year, for the first time, the Seychelles Islands were drawn on a map drawn by Italian Alberto Cantino.

 The first description of the beaches of Seychelles, before any human settlement, was written immediately from 19 to 30 January 1609 by the sailor John Jordan of the British ship Ascension.
The latter, after crossing the Cape of Good Hope, had ascended to the east coast of Africa before heading to the north of the country, which led to the northern end of the granite archipelago: briefly describes the current islands of Mahi, the north, the silhouette, Praslin and the adjacent islands and collect a total of More than thirty large and small islands are close to each other. Finally, on the third day, dock at the St. Anne Island Island Sanctuary (opposite Victoria's Future Port), which crew found abundantly green water heights (today deforest and barren).

Requirements and conditions for obtaining a visa or Seychelles visa
Without a visa for all the inhabitants of the world
Seychelles does not require visa procedures, regardless of the nationality of the person who wishes to enter the country
You must have a valid passport for the period of stay in Seychelles (so until you return to the country of residence)
A visit permit is issued upon arrival to people entering the Seychelles for vacation, work, family visits or friends who meet the following conditions:
A person has a return ticket at the end of the stay
A person has enough money for the duration of their stay: at least $ 150 or equivalent per day, or $ 75 per day for people staying with friends or family in Seychelles
A visitor's permit can be granted for a period of the visit according to the return ticket back up to three months.
It can be extended for consecutive periods of no more than three months at a time for a maximum of twelve months, provided that the person continues to meet the criteria of a well-intentioned visitor.

How to obtain residence in Seychelles
He must reside during the period of validity of the permit in Seychelles at least five days during every twelve months of the term of the permit means renewal every year and the renewal period is in five days

The acquired profession permit allows for the possession of an employer in the Seychelles, and may be as an employee or as a self-employed person.
Applications for obtaining residence permits must be submitted at least ten weeks before the date set for the employee to start work, and he must not enter Seychelles for the purpose of obtaining a job before obtaining a residence permit for work
The application form must be filled in by the person seeking permission in the case of a self-employed employer or a potential employer.

There is a fee for processing the order.
Fees for the duration of the required permit is the Saudi riyal
When considering an application for a gainful work permit, the following is taken into account:
 The nature, reputation and health of a potential employee, and, where appropriate
 The vocational or technical qualification of the person to be employed

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