A great opportunity to travel to Greece with the salto youth program, relatively free of charge, 2020

The salto youth organization offers a great opportunity to travel to Greece free of charge to attend its annual conferences and it is also a way to travel to Europe
VALUE FAIR 2020 supports youth actors to exchange, understand and define the values ​​on which our youth work is based and how it can contribute to improving lives together.

VALUE FAIR 2020 aims to support youth actors in exchanging, understanding and exploring values​​through non-formal education (NFE).
It focuses on how to address the following values: participation, sustainability, empathy, inclusiveness and equity, translation, promotion and transfer

The goals of the salto youth organization
Explore and share how we understand these values.
To ask where these values ​​lie in our agenda and everyday life.

Critical thinking about the cause and how of young workers / leaders supporting these values​​towards young people.
To understand and promote how NFE can support these values.

To highlight current challenges related to these 5 values.
To explore how these values ​​can be maximized at the individual / organizational / societal level
To stimulate concrete networking to create future international projects of quality, also within the Erasmus + / Youth in Action program

Organization of the trip and the program of the salto youth
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