1 - Marriage to an American citizen

As long as you marry a US citizen over the age of 18, you have the right to obtain US citizenship as a husband visa.You are placed under probation for two years.Marriage is required to be real, not fictitious, and divorce only takes place after at least 5 years.

2 - Lottery Prize

Lottery A prize offered by the US government every year, in order for citizens of different nationalities to obtain US citizenship, is required to take the lottery to be an adult with a recognized educational certificate, and has a monthly income.

3 - The birth of a child in America

If a child is born to non-American parents within the borders of America, the child becomes an American citizen unconditionally and his parents are entitled to be with him and they also receive US citizenship after 5 years.

4. Investments

America requires full residence, to invest at least $ 500 thousand on its territory, provided that the investment in a remote area of ​​the country and provide employment for at least ten people, the investment in major cities, should not be less than one million dollars, and is entitled A person can obtain US citizenship after 5 years of residence.

5. Service in the armed forces

The United States grants its citizenship to all volunteers in the US military for at least three years, after which it will be an American citizen with all the benefits.

6 - to work a government job

America grants its citizenship to those who have spent at least three consecutive years working in one of their government departments and paid its taxes in full, and does not have any bills or sanctions against him.

7. Political asylum

One easy way for some is political asylum in America, where he can reside fully and receive simple government aid to find work for himself.After five years, if he has good faith and morals, he can get US citizenship.

8 - American citizenship test

After spending five years in the United States, any non-US citizen has the right to ask for a form to prove his US citizenship, which contains questions and answers set by the US government to test the citizen in his discipline and whether he is a sponsor of citizenship or not.
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