An application for French citizenship

It is possible that an agreement between the two parties will not be reached, but the French partner is deceived and convinced of love and the desire for stability, all in order to obtain the French residency and citizenship also without the desire to continue. Its consequences are not commended by the deceived French partner, especially if this marriage yields a child, and of course it will require costs, expenses, etc.

Knowing that marriage to a French partner is not so simple, as there are conditions and obligations imposed on you by this marriage towards him

1-The most important obligations and conditions for marriage in France for the completion of this marriage

This marriage must have been continuous for at least 3 years in order for him to apply for French citizenship under France's nationality law

In such a case, if the mock marriage was aware of the French partner's knowledge, its continuation for a period of 3 years will lead to material blackmail, as the French party originally aimed at money in the agreement.

As for if the French partner was deceived at the beginning of the marriage, but continuing to deceive for 3 years until you can obtain citizenship is an ugly and utterly selfish matter

2- Fluency in the French language is a prerequisite for marriage to a French woman

You must not commit any criminal act that may lead to your imprisonment

4- Whoever wants to consider marrying a Frenchwoman before completing the marriage must be familiar with French history

The most important documents before consummation of marriage in France and the marriage law in France

In order to be able to marry a French woman, you must apply some conditions to the French Marriage Law, and at the same time the conditions must apply to the French partner

1- The non-French foreign partner must not be married during the new marriage

2- The French partner must not be married in the event of a new marriage

This is because the French law strongly rejects and prohibits polygamy, and both parties must be unmarried.

In the event that it is found that the persons may have had a previous marriage, they must present a certificate of separation (divorce), or in the event that the person is widowed or widowed, he must present the death certificate

3- That the two spouses must be at least 18 years old during the engagement according to the French Marriage Law

4- That the marriage be by prior agreement between the two parties

5- If one of the spouses has guardianship from any person or any party, a statement of approval must be submitted by the guardian person to complete the marriage

6- The passport is valid for the two French partners as well as for the non-French

This is because the French law strongly rejects and prohibits polygamy, and both parties must be unmarried.
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