It is necessary to climb the nationality ladder in America from its inception, before you obtain citizenship. The beginning of this ladder lies in obtaining an American green card, which will qualify you later to obtain citizenship, but the first degree in this ladder begins with marrying an American girl or marrying an American, and before applying for American citizenship, you must obtain a green card.
 (which allows For its holder to travel to the United States of America and work in any field within it until the time of obtaining the nationality) and keep it for a period of three years, which is considered as the second degree of this peace, according to the citizenship law in the United States of America.
The advantages afforded by marrying an American girl or marrying in America

Among the advantages offered to a person married to America:

* Obtaining a travel visa for family gathering.
* Travel freely to and from America.
* Free access to health insurance in the United States of America.
* Take advantage of social security benefits within the United States of America.
* Work in all fields except for the sovereign jobs because they require American citizenship

Submit an application for naturalization of America

You become eligible for naturalization in America if you meet the conditions mentioned above, and you only have to do some practical steps for that.
The investment of form N-400 for American naturalization must be mobilized to start the naturalization procedures in America.

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